Defensive Driving

Gene's Driving School NJ Motor Vehicle Commission approved 6 HR Defensive Driving is given monthly - $100

  • Tools to keep you and your family safe while operating a vehicle in all types of situations and road conditions
  • Certificate of Completion for your auto insurance agency for an instant premium reduction good for 3 years
  • If needed, 2 points removed from your NJ Driving License Record- Cost $25

Other facts:

  • You may apply for point reduction only once every five years. You may not reduce your point total below zero.
  • If you have no points, you should not waste your once in a five-year opportunity by requesting point reduction**
  • Point reduction is for NJ MVC ONLY. Insurance points are calculated by your individual insurance carrier.
  • This course is separate from the DMV course for violators who have accumulated 12 or more points. Drivers must stake both courses.
  • If you are taking this course for insurance purposes, you must contact your carrier for details on premium reductions.

There will be a 3.5% service fee added to all credit card transactions.

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